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 "I paint for pure pleasure... My association to the subject matter is not as important as the influence of the paint on the canvas in terms of light, texture, perspective and colour. I intend on the viewers familiarity with the subject to lead them to see the intricacies of what I mould from my seeing. My seeing is not constrained to just the subject matter, but more to the interactions. The subject is secondary to the painters’ emotional reactions to his paint and incidental to the viewers’ emotion.   

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Presently showing at the Osprey galley in Shelburne with Raymond Chow and David Conner's

Work in progress


I paint lights effect on meaningless reflective, transparent and absorbent subject matter. I get stuck on my abstraction of the subject to meet my love of painted effects.  

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250 Mowatt ST, PO BOX 1069, Shelburne, NS B0T1W0, ca

(902) 875-2690

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